Should I text him: You Thinking How Often Should I Text Him?

Have you been in those moments where you’ve been out on a date or a guy you like has your number and there’s been some text messages sent back and forth, maybe even some intimate phone calls and then you haven’t heard from him for a while. You’ve started to stress a bit that maybe you’ve said the wrong thing. You’re probably wondering “Should I text him?” or “how often should I text him for him to respond?” if he hasn’t replied.

Or perhaps you’ve had a great first date and spent some time together, and it’s the next day and he’s on your mind as soon as you wake up. You think about him nearly all day, while continue to think “Should I text him first?”.

Should I Text Him First or Wait?

The answer will nearly always be WAIT. Men don’t want you do to all the work for them and make it too easy to always be there and always respond so quickly. They prefer to feel like they have to work hard to win your attention and affections. We tend to value things more when we have worked hard to get them. If you’re too easy for him, he may think that you’re also too easy for any other guy.

So when you think “should I text him or wait”, what that really means is that you don’t have anything else more important to think about or do at this time. Really? Aren’t you more important? Isn’t your dreams and goals more important?

This is when you need to focus on something else while you wait for him to text you or call you. Your time is valuable and whether this relationship works in the future or not, you also need to know that you spent valuable time in between focusing on your career, your dreams and your goals. This also shows allows you to see how best he will fit in with what you value and what you have in common to see how it will last.

The right guy will fall in love with this too if he’s ready for a long term relationship. The guy who wants a long term relationship, will find it inspiring to see you being yourself, working on your career, your dreams and goals. If you’re happy focusing on that, he will also see you happy more often and that’s what men love best, is seeing the girl they like happy, without them having to make her happy.

Should I Text Him If He Hasn’t Texted Me

This is where I used to get caught when dating a guy, as I would be thinking about him a lot and especially wondering should I text him if he hasn’t texted me. I would get caught up in the emotion and excitement of a nice attractive guy who likes me and wants to spend time with me.

I also found the less confidence I had, the more excited I would get as I thought I must be OK if this guy likes me. I thought wow, he’s such a nice, smart and hard-working guy and he thinks I’m attractive.

We do tend to forget about what we bring to the relationship though. You are also smart, hard-working, attractive and fun. He should be lucky to know you, let alone be with you. So if he hasn’t texted you yet, wait for him to text you.

Don’t jump ahead to show how there’s nothing else more important in your life at the moment apart from him. There is, and that person is you, your life and your future. You are your most amazing self when you are following your interests and pursuing your passions. The world is waiting for you to share your gifts and you will find that he will text you and call you when he sees you in your element.

Should I text Him Everyday? When Should I Text Him Then?

You might also be asking “Should I text him everyday?”, the only response to that is to reply to a text he may have sent you. This also collaborates with “when should I text him then”.

What does a text message mean anyway?

A text message is usually portrayed as a form of a quick message, quick update or quick answer you want to respond with. Text messages shouldn’t be paragraph’s long and your main communication unless you just want a quick relationship as well.

Men who value you and really want to get to know you, and want to hear your voice, will make time to call. When he calls you, he’s giving the relationship a chance for you both to really get to know each other. This is where you can hear each other laugh, listen to each other’s tones of voice and find out what you both really enjoy talking about.

When you just text message a lot, it will make it harder to build a quality relationship. So if you’re thinking should I text him every day, it will depend on what he may first text to you. Remember, you’re allowing him to do the chasing, the contacting, the following up for future dates and get togethers.

So you’re only texting him as a courteous reply to a text message he may send you. You may not have time to text him back straight away, as you’re a busy girl, but you’ll still be polite and text him back when you have a moment.

Should I Text Him Back / Should I Text Him Again?

Depending on how many text messages he’s sending you, but if you would rather a phone call, then don’t respond after every message. Or you could text him back saying I’m free to call after 7pm for example.

Let me share with you some things I learned when I was dating and thinking “should I text him back”.

I used to like texting guys a lot when I was younger and in my 20s, but when I got to my 30s, I thought texting was a lazy way for a guy to keep in touch, especially if it was a text from him saying “how was your day”. How do you respond to that in a proper honest way? You could be short and just say “good” or “strange” which will make him curious then and will ask more questions or call you. To really get to know someone for a long term relationship, he would want to call you to hear the full story of how your day was and to even hear your voice.

I used to find it fun and flirty when I’d be texting a guy back and forth when I was dating, but soon after that, I found that I wanted a guy who actually wanted to hear my voice and have a good conversation.

So if you think you should be polite and are wondering “Should I text him back?” or “Should I text him again?” then when you do that, it’s showing him what you accept and this is how he learns how to treat you. So before you text him back think, do I want him to keep texting or would I prefer a phone call?

If you keep texting, he’ll think that’s how he continues to communicate with you. If you don’t always text back and reply by saying “I’m free to call at this particular time”, then if he doesn’t respond, he isn’t the guy for you.

Hopefully I’ve given you some things to think about when you’re considering “should I text him”. Normally when most women like a guy, they get caught up in the moment of liking each other and emotions of wanting to see him and hear from him every day or even several times a day.

Want to avoid future heartache and upset?  Then you have to know what you want from this potential relationship before you contact him or respond to him. If you want it to be a long term relationship, then you have to allow him to court you, to chase you, and to make time for you.  It’s time you had a man that made you feel special.

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