How to Make A Guy Chase You?

How to Make A Guy Chase You? Here’s What You Need To Do:

He is cute, and you can’t stop obsessing over him. So you started researching, “How to make a guy chase you?”

Well, you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will discuss the top-notch ways to make him go crazy after you!

7 Ways to Make Him Head Over Heels For You

The following are the most effective ways of how to make a guy chase you. Just remember to be true to yourself and implement the tips with confidence.

1. Cut the chase

The first rule if you know you have been doing most of the chasing, then to stop this chase you’ve been circling on. This not only makes you appear “easy” but also, guys don’t find a girl attractive when she’s always there and he can have her whenever he wants.

If you focus too much on him, he will see and think of you as clingy and needy.  Guys are not really a fan of a girl who is chasing after them. So if you’re constantly contacting him, this will only drive him away more.

2. Focus on Yourself

The best idea is to shift your focus from him, to yourself and what you want to achieve in life.  A girl who works on loving herself for who she is and what she can offer to the world is the most beautiful thing in a guy’s eyes. The more you concentrate on yourself, the more confident you will become.  A good way to increase your confidence is to do things you’re good at like a hobby or passion.

Plus, by focusing on yourself, you will be able to find love and happiness within yourself. You need to fill up your own love cup before you can give love to others.  It’s like in planes when you need to put on your oxygen mask first before you help others.

Girls who ignore learning to love themselves, often end up getting hurt too easily. When you focus on yourself, you learn more about yourself as well. You learn to follow what you’re good at and what you enjoy. You start to set goals in different areas of your life. You get involved in hobbies that are fun. You don’t look outside of yourself for someone else to say something nice to make you happy or feel good.  You learn to give this feel good feeling to yourself as you know you’re a great person.  You then learn that you’re also a great catch for a guy to want to spend time with.

It may be difficult at first to take on the challenge to prioritize yourself, accept yourself and love yourself with all your perceived flaws. You will see though, that loving yourself and being comfortable with yourself is necessary to make a guy chase you.  He will be seeing you as being able to take care of yourself and make yourself happy.  He will want to then be part of that.   We all prefer to be around people who are naturally more happy, positive and grateful for their lives. He will then see you as a great person to be in a relationship with.

3. Build a life of your own

If you are relying on good looks alone, this will come and go, but the one thing that remains with you is “You”.  To carry on from focusing on yourself, you need to learn to be the best version of yourself physically and mentally. When you start feeling content and comfortable in your skin, you will realize that life has more to offer than depending on a guy to make you feel good about yourself.  While you’re taking charge and learning to build a life of your own, he will want to be part of that.

Pursuing your romantic interest is fantastic, but it is more important to follow your passions and have goals in life to be able to share with that guy.   When you have nothing to put your constructive energy into but him, then you tend to focus on unnecessary things. I remember how much I used to fantasize about particular guys. Those guys ended up not being able to have a deep and meaningful relationship though.

When you have set goals or are even busy finding your path, he will automatically see you as someone strong, dedicated, and inspiring.  Naturally, he would want to approach you to learn more about these dreams and passions you have. You may even have similar ones, or values, hobbies and dreams that you could share together.  Having similarities will draw him to you even more.

4. Desperation – Out the door

Desperation is your arch-nemesis. You will lose your appeal for a guy to chase you if he learns that you are desperate to be with him. So, even when your heart starts jumping seeing him around, try to tame your emotions.

Guys like to chase girls who seem exceptional, and they have a great life that he wants to be part of. You can’t make yourself appear exclusive if you are constantly trying to catch his attention.

While he may be an amazing guy, your life shouldn’t revolve around him. If you really want him to want you, then the desperation has to go. Stay calm, and turn all your anxious energy into something that builds you up, like a hobby or doing something you like (other than chasing after him, of course!).

Besides, it is okay to show your interest with some light flirting techniques, but without going crazy to keep him hooked. This also means not to amend your schedule or say “yes” to everything he says. Instead, let him work hard to gain your attention.

5. Keep calm when he tries to play hard to get

One of the most common, cliche, yet convincing ways be to play hard to get. For example, he might shower you with love and then vanish for three days straight, or he might take longer to reply or, even worse, leave your message on seen knowingly.

Instead of accepting his bait and pulling an attention-seeking stunt, be patient and let him pivot back to you on his own. This is where keeping yourself busy with your own life matters. So when he comes back and asks what you have been up to, you can tell him about your hobbies, goals or passions. Know that you’re worth the chase and not the other way around. You were always the prize all along.

6. Set boundaries

Sadly, not every guy who seems nice and good-looking, has your best interests at heart. There will be guys who will be painfully good-looking and charming, but all they will do is make you feel heartache if you do not have boundaries.

Plus, one of the worst things you can do to make a guy chase you be to give a full green pass into your life. Unlike most guys, women are normally the more talkative sex. Unfortunately, this often means oversharing or sharing too much detail too soon can also put a guy off and have him lose interest.

Guys do prefer girls who have a mysterious air about them. They like getting inquisitive and asking questions to learn what she really is like. So take you time getting to know him. Allow him to chase you as he wants to know more and more about your exciting life you’re creating. Only give him snip it’s each time you’re in contact or together. Don’t be the girl who hops on a tale train and blurts everything from her birth story to her present life crises.

Until he officially asks you, refrain from providing intimate relationship benefits that you may regret later. Make sure this isn’t the only thing he’s after. It can be common for guys to casually flirt with multiple girls at once. So have fun with him but maintain healthy boundaries.

7. Let him see you as fun to be around

Guys are crazy after girls who can give them butterflies. A slight glimpse of your flirtatious side will do the job. This will help him understand that you’re fun to be with. Don’t let the little things upset you, as guys love seeing a girl they admire not take things too seriously.

So go ahead and flirt with him a little. Good eye contact and a cute, yet confident smile should make it fun for both of you. Keep the flirting light and he’ll keep wanting more. This will be a great way to make him chase after you and even miss your presence when you’re not around.

Remember to be in control and not overdo it. Your aim should be to do things that make you happy. Eventually, he will see how easy it is for you both to be happy when you’re together. He will then look to you as someone he can trust and who will respect him too. He will see you as someone who can make him happy too and would want to be a part of your life more and more.

Take Away

Every guy is different and depending on what he is after that will make him chase after you. Yet, one thing remains: guys are more drawn toward happy, confident, and content girls.

So, instead of looking at ‘how to make a guy chase you’, think of yourself as worthy and deserving in the first place. Having a guy to chase you be one thing, but having the RIGHT guy chase you is another. Once you take the continual journey of learning to be your best self, you will appear more attractive for the right guy to chase you and want to be with you.

This way, you will not only be happier, but you will also attract loyal, supportive, and intelligent guys. Guys are a better fit and who will want to help you succeed and not become an obstacle of heartache in your journey.

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